Workforce Management Solutions

SURGE Management leads the staffing industry in supplying Workforce Management programs and services. We centralize staffing services and talent resources from needing one person to 400. From small businesses to national, multi-location corporations.

Staffing Management Experts

SURGE Management has an innovative approach for staffing and workforce management unlike other traditional staffing programs. With one point of contact, we will focus on fulfilling your staffing needs while allowing you to focus on your business objectives. For us, it’s not just about getting someone to show up for work, it’s about getting the most quallified candidate for the job. We take the time to screen, assess and train each candidate so that they have the knowledge to succeed safely and with optimal performance. At SURGE Management, we live up to and carry out high standards - we expect nothing less from our recruiting partners and talent resources.

What Sets us Apart?

  • Innovative Tools
    Receive access to an arsenal of tools to that will allow you to quickly gage your success and generate a full-range of custom reports.
  • Workforce Management
    SURGE Management’s customized Workforce Management solution can address any or all aspects of your contingent workforce strategy. We partner with you on-site or off-site to provide end-to-end solutions to increase productivity, agility and efficiency.
  • Order Management
    Obtaining, fulfilling and managing orders for contingent talent. Centralized ordering.
  • Assignment Management
    Manage time capture, Payroll, invoicing and assignment change.
  • Onboarding and Training
    Training associates and your staff on program processes such as order requests and time capture.
  • Associate Management
    Managing associate relations so you can focus on your core business.
  • Program Management
    We ensure quality service with ongoing program evaluation and reporting.
  • Vendor Management Process
    Vendor-neutral relationships.
  • Time and Attendance
    Web-based time and attendance.




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