Workforce Management Solutions

Your business needs are unique to your business and yours alone. With SURGE as your MSP, you’ll receive access to our arsenal of additional business services. Pick and choose the services that mean the most to you and your overall business objectives.

Staffing/Recruiting - Staffing Specialists proactively seek associates by conducting extensive interviews and pre-employment assessments to ensure skill sets, background and expertise match your hiring needs.

Onboarding - employees are able to get a feel for each organization’s culture, business strategy, leadership roles and expectations with custom onboarding tutorials.

Training - Orientations and training courses are customized to comply with each client’s safety policies and procedures.

Payroll – whether full-time or temp employee, SURGE manages your entire payroll. Our Payroll Specialists are armed with the knowledge and ability to handle all tax deductions including federal, state and local taxes.

Safety Consulting - As industry experts, we’re held responsible to keep current with all rules and regulations that many companies may not be equipped to handle, including: state and federal laws & taxes, safety precautions and OHSA requirements. Worksite Evaluations gauge environment, assess risk and identify training & PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) needs.

HR Services - from new hire paperwork & drug testing, to coaching & counseling, to administering paychecks & benefits – our team is armed with resolutions to the workforce challenges that come your way.

Compliance – SURGE is ACA compliant and provides both clients and employees with solutions that best help manage pressing elements of Health Care Reform.

With SURGE Management, you’ll...

  • Receive greater access to talent
    We offer you access to an arsenal of tools to allow you to quickly gage your success and generate a full-range of custom reports.
  • Obtain quality candidates to fill your labor force
    Not only do we guarantee a workforce to fill your labor needs, but quality associates held to higher standards and expected to carry out any and all assignments professionally and efficiently.
  • Reduce costs and turnovers
    Eliminate absenteeism and costs to replace & train your labor force. Our candidate pools are stocked with superior talent willing and able to take over the responsibilities of your ill or vacationing employees. A CAP study shows that the average cost to replace a $10 hourly employee is $3,328. SURGE Management eradicates that expense entirely. Additionally, organize costs and conveniences with SURGE Management. As your MSP, you 'll receive one sole provider to manage all other business aspects and one invoice for all services rendered.
  • Minimize risk
    Offload any risk associated with your business and let SURGE assume the responsibility and liability. As your sole workforce provider, we' ll cover recruitment, staffing, assessment, insurance and injury costs and liabilities. As industry experts, we' re held responsible to keep current with all rules and regulations that many companies may not be equipped to
  • Conveniently break down functions to the smallest activity
    The benefits behind SURGE Management are simple and boil down to convenience. We' ll manage all aspects of your business so that you don' t have to. Tap into the knowledge, experience and expertise we' ve gained over the years dominating the staffing industry. You' ll gain access to industry specialists who are trained, prepared and more than equipped to handle any staffing or business service-related issues that comes your way. With SURGE Management, more time is allotted to you to focus on your bottom-line, profit, growth & expansion.
  • Associate Management
    Managing associate relations so you can focus on your core business
  • Program Management
    We ensure quality service with ongoing program evaluation and reporting.
  • Vendor Management Process
    Vendor-neutral relationships
  • Time and Attendance
    Web based time and attendance

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